It’s amazing how the simplest of interactions can turn into healthy business relationships… but more importantly – life long friendships.

This is the case in this scenario with Cameron from Sinister Tyres & Whitewalls, we initially started out with a friendly barter where we designed a facebook cover & profile image for some whitewalls (well red but yeah) for my pride & joy (read constant headache)… During out interaction we became friendly & over time Cameron became a close mate I can depend on….. O yeah & he threw me a bone to redesign his brand from scratch!

Everything from logo to store signage & everything between we re-designed together & there was always the talk of a website but nothing ever seemed to get passed the “Coming Soon’ page.

In the last month I had another customer call out for a website which, I won’t lie made me sweat prefusley as I haven’t built anything to todays standards when it comes to SEO & more importantly WordPress which allowed so much in the way of compatability etc.

So I approached Cameron with the idea of letting his business be my test mule to which he agreed. All I can say is what a process of learning it was – Step by step we built something to match his existing designs whilst offering all the benefits of SEO optimisation.

I never knew SEO was such a deep deep hole with many Do’s & even more Don’ts.

The website was built from my lounge-room after I finished my 9-5 role & got the kids off to bed in just 3 weeks start to finish. The result I’m super proud of & even better – Cameron feels much prouder of what he’s achieved in the business & that it makes him look that much more professional – We agree!


Below are just some of the other graphics we’d created for sinister in the past.