What is Auto Photoshop Editing? KAR cemented a name for themselves for their amazing automotive digital renditions which helped prospective car builders plan projects and visualise modifications by materialising their dream car through the magic of Photoshop digital enhancement.

For car lovers, this is a great way to see what your pride and joy would look like if you changed the colour, height, wheels, styling or just about any other change you could think to make, and is a great first step to kick start your next build.

For everyone else, digital rendering processes can be applied to just about any image. Want to see what a room would look like with a different coloured feature wall? How about what your backyard fence would look like covered in a hedge? Get ideas out of your head and onto paper for the ultimate in visual appreciation with the help of KAR.

Here at KAR we do a lot of work for private clients, but we’re always looking for bigger companies to work on show-car or even concept car builds. If you’d like more information please contact us! Want to learn some of the techniques we use? Hit up our tutorials