So in the early days of KAR Creations, I seemed to have a ton of available time to burn – So I spent a lot of it doing Photoshop editing for users of the Just Commodore forums & Street Commodores forums (RIP). I’m not sure if it was in an attempt to be liked? or if I actually believed I’d make a business our of doing “chops” for individuals and workshops etc… I really don’t know – but 100’s of hours were thrown away for people who had no idea how to use their imagination for simple changes.

It wasn’t all bad, it helped me get some customers in the way of Street Commodores Magazine themselves as well as my long term customer in the way of MRC Performance.

Majority of requests were for wheels & lowering, then you had whitewalls & colour changes just behind that – At times I had to push back because people wanted HOURS & HOURS of work done for free – 99% of the work was done for free out of the forums, but occasionally the forum would end up with someone emailing me & me being able to complete some project work for a fee.

Anyways, enough chatter from me – pictures below!

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