Need a Customer Flyer Design? Want to send something out to your customers for a special event? Don’t want it to be boring & mundane? Want your customer to actually have a feeling or reaction rather than just putting your flyer with the rest of the recycling pile? Leave it to us to come to the party!

In this scenario, that’s exactly what MRC Performance did (Facebook | Instagram | Website – Make sure to give them a like!). Matt wanted something to send to his customer talking about Christmas trading hours & thanking them for another year – BORING RIGHT! Wrong! We were given full creative control to come up with something that we’d be proud to send to our own customers.

Our thoughts were:

  • MRC Performance sells performance/automotive parts/Services
  • We live in Australia/MRC is Australian owned/run
  • It’s Christmas
  • #Straya
  • = Santa in a Falcon ute sleigh dropping laying down some rubber!


We started out with Stuarts mint XR6 Ute (Good friend & customer of Matt’s)

XH XR6 ute by MRC Performance


Then we added all the trimmings & a ton of smoke….┬áThe below was designed for 4×6 prints so the customer could print them for as little as 10cents each from Big W, Officeworks etc etc – No minimums, no setup charges – Just very cost effective.

Custom Flyers


The design was then adapted to their Facebook cover.

Custom Facebook Cover for MRC Performance


& Instagram

Skid Sleigh

It was just genuinely a fun project & the customer was stoked – so were we tbh! We also did cards for previous years which I’ve shared below! Interested in something custom designed for your business? Just contact us

Custom Christmas Cards Marketing products by KAR Creations