So you want Whitewalls on your ride but don’t to commit before seeing what it looks like? Lets looks at Whitewalls in Photoshop

There are two different ways to do it…. If it’s directly from the side then this is option 1,  and if option 2 is when its not directly from the side and required some extra effort….

Option 1

1. Select the elliptical marquee option (2nd from the top which is indented)

Whitewalls in Photoshop - Step 1


2.Using the elliptical marquee tool select the rim only.

Whitewalls in Photoshop - Step 2


3. Go to the top of the screen and click Select > Modify > Expand

Whitewalls in Photoshop - Step 3


4. Go to the top of the screen and click Edit > Copy. Then Click Edit > Paste which will create a new layer (which can be seen on the right hand side).

Whitewalls Photoshop - Step 4


5. Click on the FX button in the bottom right hand corner then Stroke.

Whitewalls Tutorial - Step 5

Step 7 - Whitewalls Photshop Tutorial

6. Basically once here you need to make changes to 3 things within the stroke screen

Size = How big you want the whitewall to be

Opacity = How bright or see-through you want the whitewall to be

Colour – Obviously you need to choose if you want the wall to be white, red, yellow blue…..


7. Then just copy the same procedure for the rear…. Only difference is that you need to “copy merged” for the rear as there is now more than 1 layer on the document…

8. And your done!

Option II for white walling – Odd angles etc etc…

1.Use your elliptical marquee tool again…

A KAR Photoshop - Step 1


2, Rougly go around the rim with the tool, going slightly bigger than the rim is probably a better way to..

A KAR Photoshop - Step 2


3. Go to Edit > Copy

A KAR Photoshop - Step 3


4. Once copied go to Edit > Paste

A KAR Photoshop - Step 4


5. Once you’ve pasted the picture of the rim you’ll see on the right hand side of the screen that you have a 2nd layer with just the wheel in it.

A KAR Photoshop - Step 5

6. Hide the background image by clicking on the little eye beside the layer. Then click on the rim layer. Once that’s done click on the magic wand tool which is the forth down the side list and click outside the rim.

The go Select > Modify > Expand. For this example I used 20pixels because of the fact that it’s a high resolution image. Normally I only use 2 or 3 pixal gap max…

Then go Edit > Copy Merged. Then Edit > Paste

A KAR Photoshop - Step 6


7. Then click FX in the bottom corner and select Stroke. Select the colour, stroke width (whitewall) and opacity (how see-through it is)

A KAR Photoshop - Step 7


8. Click the magic wand tool as pictured below and select the white/redwall

Then Edit > Copy Merged

Then Edit > Paste which will create a layer with the red/whitewall only.


9. Now comes the fun part of shaping the wall to suite the image/rim.


Click on the border of the image and select Warp (as pictured below)


Basically bend the image from the corners as required…


10. Colour changed to match and perfect fit


11. As seen on the right hand side you’ll need to adjust the opacity to make it look a little more realistic….


And your done!

If I’ve missed parts or if you’ve got your own ideas on how to do it please post it up! Always happy to find quicker and easier ways…